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New Used or Salvage

Sourcing used or surplus building materials is a great way to stretch your building or renovation budget. Salvaging materials prior to demolition is another way to save money and limit the environmental impact of your building or renovation project.

We have provided some resources below:

Jack's New and Used
(604) 299-2967
4912 Still Creek Avenue
Burnaby, BC V5C-4E4

ReStore - Habitats for Humanity
Unites States

If you have a great spot where you like to buy used or surplus building materials and you would like to share, we'll post it here. contact us

About Us

We have been doing a renovation for many years now and this is one of the reasons MyTradeFinder was created...always scrambling to locate contact information for trades. Our renovation started shortly after we purchased our first home. I call it the bottom up renovation, as it all started when we decided to finish the basement of our 1928 house. The ceiling was low so we felt in order to do a proper job we needed to lift the house 2 feet before we could even consider finishing it. Fast forward 10 years and we are still at. The basement is not yet finished as we have moved on to other areas of the house but we continue to chip away. Hence, trades are always top of mind for us. Lost contact information aways resulted in the frustrating scramble to locate a trade for the job. MyTradeFinder features trades and businesses that are worth being referred and are centralized to be singled out for anyone to find and contact. MyTradeFinder is currently sharing listings in Vancouver and across British Columnbia. Our goal is to grow the community across Canada with your contributions. Help us grow by contributing.

The Tool

MyTradeFinder is a building trade lookup tool for home owners, designers, architects and building contractors wanting to locate trades. Reviews can be added against each trade. All listing are ordered by the number of reviews against the profile.

If you would like to suggest a trade to the MyTradeFinder community you simply complete a short form, add a review, and register on the site. Registration allows us to validate the information provided. Registration on the site allows you to centralize all the trades you have added so you can locate them easily for future reference.

If you would like to add your business to MyTradeFinder you can do so free of charge. Basic listings which include, contact information, business description, areas of experitse and service regions is no charge. Added value upgrades to your listing such as project gallery, MyTradeFinder email, project scheduler and builders blog are availabe. Email us to find out more.

Our Philosophy

  • Don�t be wasteful!
  • Do good work!
  • Do it efficiently!
  • Do it with the least impact to the environment!

During our renovations we've always tried to reuse and salvage materials. I can personally attest to this as my husband has a basement full of bits of wood "that just may come in handy one day". MyTradeFinder fits our philosphy in many ways as it provides a service that is consummed without impact to the landfill.

Do Your Part To Help the Environment

Everyone is talking about going green. Green this green that! You may be getting a little sick of hearing about it and you may think what difference can little old me make? Well little old you can make a difference by doing small things everyday. Let us help you try.

  • Use renewable resources in your building projects like bamboo and polished concrete for flooring.
  • Turn your lights off when you are not in the room
  • Put your outdoor lights on timer
  • Wash your clothes in cold water
  • Dry your clothes in the sunlight
  • Clean your house with non toxic cleaners such as vinegar baking soda, and borax
  • Bring your own shopping bags or boxes for grocery shopping
  • Drink tap water, say no to plastic bottled water.
  • If you have purchased something small and light. Tell the cashier you don't need a bag
  • Buy locally as much as possible. Support local farmers and local businesses
  • Don't buy as much
  • Buy quality not quantity
  • Don't buy something just because it is on sale or cheap
  • Compost your green waste
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